Mitsubishi Vehicle Warranty

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More than 2500 Mitsubishi Motors Authorised Service Points in Europe are committed to helping you wherever you are.

Comprehensive Warranty - Obviously
All new Mitsubishi vehicles come standard with a comprehensive 3-year unlimited warranty. The anti-corrosion perforation warranty covers rusting through for the first 12 years. The reliabilty statistics for Mitsubishi vehicles are impressive, but in the unlikely event that you do need help, we offer MAP.

MAP - Free Breakdown Assistance
Throughout the warranty period your Mitsubishi is covered by Mitsubishi Assistance Package (MAP) roadside assistance. This cover extends to more than 30 countries throughout Europe so your mobility is guaranteed even when you are on holiday. Should you ever need assistance in the event of breakdown, accident, theft or vandelism - wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - just call the number on your card and the problem will be fixed on the spot.